options TYPO3

front-end editing

What you see is what you get. 
Front-end editing makes it possible to edit the content of the site directly on the page itself, by clicking the section you want to adjust.



search engine friendly addresses

TYP03 generates search engine friendly addresses. The pages get readable addresses. This makes it easier for search engines to index the page, and it works a lot better if you can refer to www.strangefruit.nl/portfolio/ instead of www.strangefruit.nl?d=12&tag [2322]

multilingual websites

TYPO3 is originally Danish, the working language is English. Multilingualism is ingrained in the system. It has advanced options for 2,3,4 or more languages​​. You can also run partially multilingual websites.

multiple websites in one CMS

It is possible to run multiple websites from one CMS. In that case you can also share the content across different websites. This makes it a lot easier to manage.

comprehensive access rights system

The access rights system is very comprehensive and comparable with Linux. Per editor (group) you can select which parts of the site can be edited and what can be adjusted. You can also assign specific pages to one editor.

standard publishing options

You can publish content in advance. Content can be edited outside the live environment. Multiple editors can work on the same text. Earlier versions of a text are easily retrieved.

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