website creation

with care and precision

All websites are tested for browser stability and different resolutions.
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Front end development

Strangefruit.nl develops fast and stable front-end or client-side pages. We do this in the most recent versions of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.


We support open source technology. Therefore Strangefruit.nl chose the open source  TYPO3 CMS. TYPO3 was developed especially for the professional market and today it is one of the mayor players in this market worldwide.

Custom made TYPO3 extensions

Besides the normal CMS integration we also develop own TYPO3 extensions. We create applications that add specific functionalities to the website. [read more]

web applications

Another specialty of our agency are the custom made web applications. We create browser-based applications in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery according to the requirements of the program delivered.

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