What are the options? What are the costs? Simple questions sometimes have far-reaching consequences. Therefore each project starts with a comprehensive inventory.

quotation and conformation

You'll get an itemized quotation what gives you a clear understanding of what the project entails and how we came to our price. We work with fixed-price offers so there will be no surprises afterward.

Once we agree and the order is confirmed, we go to work.

strategy en functional design

In a process of intensive consultation we set out the internet strategy. Then we start  sketching and come to a visual concept and a first draft of the structure of the site.

Also see internet strategy and functional design

approval design

After we agreed on the website structure, we present the (visual) design. You experience what the site will look like. All designs are put online so you can look in all tranquility and discuss them with colleagues.

technical realization

After the design approval we start with the technical realization. We build the website in-house.

Also see website creation

delivery on test server

When the website is ready we put it on our test server. You can get acquainted with the site and try all associated applications before it goes live.

processing final adjustments

Before we start, everything is discussed but it may be that along the way new insights arise. After you tested the site we process the final adjustments.

entering content

Of course the website content is very important. We believe the entering of the content should be done carefully. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to fill the site when it is still on our test server.

delivery in live environment

When everything is ready, we put the site and all associated files to the live environment. At that moment the site is online.

Also see hosting

updates and maintenance

The delivery of a website is not the end but the beginning of our cooperation. A website must remain up to date. We are always available for updates and maintenance.

Also see updates & maintenance (SLA)

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